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Skin Treatments

In·no·va·tive Back Cleansing

$85 / 50 Minutes

Often a seasonal treatment, this service is necessary to improve the appearance, texture and tone this hard to reach area.


Includes: deep cleanse, exfoliation, *extraction (if needed), mask & hydrating body lotion.

*Massage is NOT included*

(Not advised during pregnancy).

Dermaplaning Facial

$90 / 75 Minutes

A simple and safe procedure that provides deep exfoliation to the skin while also temporarily removing fine vellus hair, commonly referred to as “peach fuzz.” Dermaplaning is safe for all skin types. It is also a safe alternative for pregnant or nursing women who want a deep exfoliation, but cannot use chemical peeling agents on their skin.  . There is no downtime with Dermaplaning and it can be done as often as every two weeks.

Essential Deep Cleansing Facial

$90 / 60 Minutes

This treatment resurfaces the outer layers of dead skin cells and “peach fuzz” all at once!  A special blade removes damaged skin to reveal smooth, soft and radiant skin. Involves cleansing, skin prep, enzyme, moisturizer and sun protection.  

Skin consultation will be accomplished prior to confirming appointment. 

First Time Client
Essential Facial

$110 / 80 Minutes

This is specifically for first-time clients.  This facial includes a skin consultation followed by a customized facial to address your skin concerns: oiliness, dry and dull skin.   This initial facial enables me to "get to know" your skin and properly address its condition at that time.  You will be prescribed a home treatment plan and receive 10% off any product purchased of $85+ and on-going support.

S.O.S Repair Facial

$90 / 40 Minutes

A.K.A Skin Repair Facial.

When your skin's barrier has become extremely compromised, due to topical medication, over exfoliation, or an aesthetic procedures, it is now vulnerable to outside elements and bacteria. Redness and inflammation occur from dyes, fragrances and other irritants. This facial focuses on rebuilding, strengthening and restoring your skin's hydration levels and function.

Get Up and Glow Facial

$65 / 30 Minutes

No fluff added - this service is geared towards those who want a quick skin boost and short on time.  You may add a hand treatment or brow trimming which will only add 5 additional minutes.


Double cleanse, exfoliation, moisturize, and SPF.

Natural Radiant Facial 

$90 / 60 Minutes

Ready to break down dark pigmentation and even out your skin?  This facial is an introduction to a home care collection of products with excellent brightening ingredients! 


Featuring Global Skin Solutions! Five products to effectively begin fading out dark spots and discolorations. With the consistent use of sunscreen, the skin will reveal a more radiant complexion.  

(Trial Kit Provided)

Korean Ultra Lift Age Rejuvenation Facial

$105 / 70 Minutes

ULTRA anti-aging facelifting treatment without irritation; the easiest way for lifting and brightening the skin. Peptide ingredients strengthen the autogenic power of the skin.  We will provide a prescription for the proper home care products, and treatment to give you a glowing complexion.  See how Korean skincare can transform your skin and the way we treat our skin.



Korean O2 Jewelry Facial

$105 / 70 Minutes

Queens of ancient India kept their youth and beauty by using diamond powder and plant powder together. The jewelry (diamond) powder has been developed and used widely with its effect to boost blood circulation and cell activation.
This treatment is perfect for skin that needs brightening and improve skin tone.

Fruit Enzymes &

Chemical-Free Peel

A healthy, natural peeling treatment for deep cleansing.

Alpha Jewel Peel

$95 / 50 Minutes

Contour - Lift - Firm - Protect

This is a summer safe peel with minimal downtime. Perfect for those “on the go” that do not want a lot of downtime. Alpha Jewel Peel is intended to remove the outermost layers of dead skin with the added bonus of precious gems. This unique element leaves trace amounts of essential minerals that create large levels of antioxidants to help neutralize stressed skin.

CAUTION:  Not recommended if there are visible open wounds, sunburned skin or any type of irritation.

You must stop use of Accutane for 6 or MORE months.  Stop use of Vitamin A/Retinol, Waxing and other resurfacing treatments for 48 hours.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

$85 / 50 Minutes

Revitalize dull aging skin, increase cellular turnover for brighter skin tone, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reduces oiliness and congestion as well as packed of antioxidants.  Not suitable for sensitive/rosacea skin.

Princess Peel (Korean)

$105 / 70 Minutes

Princess Peel penetrates deeper into the epidermis without injury and activates skin regeneration by micro-stimulation of the dermis. The porous structure of white spicule has colloidal gold which contains various valid ingredients. It is quickly and safely absorbed to promote skin regeneration. Skin cell activation speeds up the turn-over cycle. It also has effects of skin detoxification such as removing corneous, skin wastes, wrinkle improvement, cell regeneration, and elasticity.

This peel also helps detoxifying, reducing redness, it’s anti-inflammatory, protects against free radicals, and can also firm and tighten.

Gold microneedles are the true spicules in Princess. They penetrate without injury, without piercing the skin, but its power lies in still being able to trigger collagen and elastin production.

Floraessence Peel

$110 / 60 Minutes

Improve fine lines, skin discoloration aging skin, increase cellular turnover for brighter skin tone, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and encouraging cell turnover as well as collagen synthesis to boost your skin's repair process.

**Peels will NOT be provided to first time clients.**

You are encouraged to schedule a First Time Client facial first to conduct an assessment.

NOTE:  Pumpkin & Floraessence Peels are only available Sept - Feb

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