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Aloha & E Ko Mai ( Hello & Welcome!)

I’m new to wordpress so please bear with me as I begin my existence here. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur and currently beginning to transition out of the military and into civilian life within the next year.  I’m debating on whether continue with the IT field or move into a newer chapter and go into the skin care industry. (I have an active Cosmetology license)…decisions, decisions.

Sooo…until that time I’ll be posting about two of my side businesses that I have been “dabbling” while active duty. The first being Chloe+Isabel, I’ve been a Chloe+Isabel Merchandiser for over a year now. I love the jewelry and I feel that you will too! What I love most about C+I is the distinct, unique and beautiful jewelry created.  They are of great quality and unlike NO other Jewelry companies out there.  They work on empowering women to be the entrepreneur that they desire to be all the while producing jewelry that is distinct and unique as each woman.  The concept is based on a friendship philosophy..Chloe is the stylish trendsetter and Isabel is the refined, classic type.  Whether you’re a Chloe, Isabel or even both (Chloe-bel)…you can find your persona in each piece of jewelry.

Now, my new venture is Beautycounter.  And I found them by accident, I’m currently researching another one but decided to give Beauty Counter a try and what I like thus far is that they are upfront with the ingredients they use in their product as are adamant in ensuring they provide SAFE products into the hands of their customers!  I’ve never been conscience as to what goes into the products we use everyday until I became a mother.  As mother are very protective of your family and it alarms me at the amount and types of chemicals that is being used in our everyday products that overtime, can be detrimental.

So if you are interested and inclined to follow my posts as I travel down this bumpy road call life…thank you! And I hope that you will pass along to others as well!

Live Life * Be You!


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