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Career Change?? Skincare Specialist anyone?

So after 20 years in the military I’ve been heavily contemplating what I wanted to be when I “grow up”.  I’ve been in the Information Systems Management field the entire time and have thought about working for DHS.  But now, after dabbling in the Direct Sales companies of skincare line, things have changed and I’m not thinking about pursuing being a skincare specialist!  Yes I already have my cosmetology license and have kept it up, but now I think this may be the best opportunity to put it to use. Taking more continuing education courses this year will best prepare me for the future!

So many of the posts you see from Beautycounter and Beauty Society and maybe a few more LOL.  These are companies whose products that I have personally tried and like and feel you all would too!  I read through their mission and the ingredients to make sure they are along the lines of what professional Estheticians would use.  So you won’t see R+F, Arbonne, Beauticontrol on my blog. 

I welcome any questions that you may have regarding the companies I post and would love to help make recommendations/suggestions so feel free to contact me!

Happy Saturday!



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