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Reasons You Need to Wax Year-Round

Thinking summertime is the best time for waxing? Well, not exactly. We all have hair that grows all year-round, and when you are hair free you don’t have to worry about the prickly feeling. So prepare if you have any upcoming travels (i.e. spring break, honeymoon, family getaways) you’ll want to keep with your hairfree maintenance. Here are the top reasons why you should continue with your wax appointments 365 days!

1. Consistency. At least 3 consecutive waxing without any shaving or tweezing between your wax appointment is needed to obtain the max benefits. Each appointment is a process because it takes 3-hair cycles where the hair grows at the same time. So when you wax, all the hairs are removed at the same time and you’ll remain hair free until your next appointment. But should you decide to take a winter break, then the process starts all over again.

2. Less Pain. If you are a first-time waxer, your first appointment may be a bit uncomfortable because of the strength of the follicle hairs. When you stay current with your waxing, it will temporarily destroy the folicles, and in turn, at future appointments – you’ll experience less pain. But should you shave in between waxing, the follicles will regain strength by becoming stronger and thicker and the next appointment will feel just like the first time. So Ditch the razor. (I have a great balm to apply after waxing!)

3. Lesser Hair. Isn’t this the goal? Regular waxing results in slower and sparse hair growth to the point that the follicles become smaller or are ultimately eliminated. But when you go back to shaving, the hair returns in greater amounts, so keep up with your waxing every 4 weeks. This prevents the need to go back to square one.

4. Smoother Feel. Doesn’t it feel nice to not have “the prickles” after shaving 2 days ago? It’s much more comfortable, less irritating and the best feeling to have!

Forget the thought that waxing is just during spring or summer, stay consistent and continue to book (and pre-book) your services year-round!

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