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What you need to know about waxing before your big day!

Are you new to waxing and have been toying with the idea of whether or not to wax before your big day? Do you have questions regarding the type of products used? Or maybe you simply don’t know if you’re a good candidate for waxing… These are valid questions you want to ask before committing to an appointment. Keep reading to help your resolve your questions to ensure you have a positive waxing experience.

So what type of waxing service should a one consider before the event? Shaping your eyebrows is relatively important – brows define your face so adding eyebrow waxing to your bridal beauty prep to ensure you look gorgeous not only on the day of your wedding day but for your photos too. Also, consider to do a little touch up on any facial hair for those photograph close-ups! Underarms for those strapless dresses, your legs and umm “down yonder” to prep for your honeymoon.

Consider asking the type of wax used: hard or soft, polymer or non-polymer. Hard wax is usually done with out a strip and soft wax strips are used. You definitely want to ensure that the person performing the wax is using non-polymer. Polymer wax is manmade (usually plastic) and not eco-friendly. Non-polymers are more pliable and will ensure to wrap around each hair to be removed without breaking; whereas, polymers aren’t as pliable and there could be a chance that when the wax is removed hair will break (meaning increased probability of ingrown and hair not being removed from the roots).

You should start a regular waxing schedule at least 3 months prior. Do NOT wait a few days before – this is not enough time to allow the skin to settle and calm if you happen to have a mild reaction from waxing. Additionally, starting on a regular schedule will one: familiarize you to what to expect (a little pain perhaps). But after being consistent you will get used to it. (If you must, you can take an Ibruprophen 30 minutes prior to your appointment). Second: after staying consistent you’ll notice that the hair will grow thinner and lighter and you’ll experience smoother skin.

Lastly, you should be given an aftercare treatment plan or product to use at home and prior to your next appointment. Be sure to ask about it! Two items I highly recommend are SeBrazil’s Ouch Balm & Bye Bye Bump Cream!

If you’re in the southern Maryland area and wanting a waxing service…be sure to look me up and book your appointment!

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