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Are You Making These Simple Makeup Mistakes?

There’s a meme on Pintrest that says “Going to bed with makeup can age your skin up to 7 times faster”. I honestly don’t know if 7 is the magical number BUT I do know that not removing make up will accelerate aging your skin. This what you can experience when you decide to not remove your makeup: trapped dead skin and bacteria, inhibiting the skin from shedding like it should. Free radicals are notorious for getting caught in makeup that causes photo aging i.e. wrinkles and degrading the production of collagen.

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Soley depending on cleansing wipes.

Despite their convenience, you can’t rely on using cleansing wipes to remove your makeup 100% of the time because they don’t clean your skin thoroughly. Instead, dirt, bacteria, oil, and makeup just get smeared across across your face. Using a wipes is like using a cleanser without any water -it will break down and dissolve the dirt, but soap molecules help to remove it onto the wipe. It’s the actual rinsing action from water that removes it and cleans the skin. Essentially, using a wipe is like applying cleanser to your face with soap and then not washing it off.

Using primer, liquid foundations, creamy blushes, cream-based products when you are prone to clogged bumps.

So I’ve used this pic I found on Google to depict what your skin could look like when you wear a lot of makeup on your skin and it gets clogged from excessive products (a ‘closed comedones’ image of Katy Perry in this picture). Performers like her that wear a lot of makeup and over time not removing properly or cleansing causes their pores to look “unhealthy”. I personally have never been a fan of caking on makeup to have poreless-looking skin because many products that are used to achieve this look contain various oils and emollients your skin will not like. AND if you keep these products on your skin for longer than 8 hours in addition to sleeping in it (ugh) yes your skin will see issues known as acne cosmetica.

Using old, expired makeup

We’ve all been guilty of this, when your favorite color has been discontinued and you are holding on to the last bit of product left. But it’s time to switch up. The efficacy of makeup can breakdown and over time can harbor bacteria (the bad kind). Applying these expired products to your skin/eyes can result in irritation, bumps and even infections like pink eye, says King. Even using expired lipstick could result in swelling – I’ve never seen this but better safe than sorry right? There are the rules for replacing makeup: mascara every three months, eyeliner and eye shadow every six to 12 months, and lipstick every one and a half years. For foundation, powder, and other facial makeup they should also be replaced every 12 months. When you decide to replace your makeup and even brushes! Be sure to check out

And speaking of makeup, not cleaning your makeup brushes weekly. These things will collect dirt, oils and bacteria that will cause nasty breakouts to your skin. Also, if you use beauty blenders, you should be cleaning them after each use (ideally) and replacing those every 3 months.

So if you are not wanting to look older than what you really are, stop making these mistakes. Transitioning to these small adjustments will put you on the path to healthy-looking skin. If you’re needing a personalized skincare routine or help with your current skin concerns. Contact me for an online virtual skin consultation. Always happy to help!

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