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4 Benefits of Tea

Studies have shown that drinking tea has a variety of benefits for improved health both internally and externally and until recently, I’ve decided to get back to drinking tea and cutting back on my java! This is a gradual cutback, I mean I love coffee and don’t see eliminating it totally (smile). But for those of you who love tea or wondered on what some of the various teas out there offered read on…

The most popular and my particular favorite is Green Tea! Did you know that way back, Chinese Sailors would drink tea to prevent scurvy? It’s the most popular and well-known, and recently has been reported that drinking green tea helps improve brain function such as memory, (have you noticed this ingredient in any supplements?), helps lower cholesterol, an excellent source of antioxidants which help slow aging, boost metabolism and your immune system, reduce acne and blood pressure, & heart disease.

Black Tea is my second favorite but drink no more than 3 cups as it has a high amount of caffeine which could result in restlessness so be cognizant of that one ill-side effect. Other than that, it’s filled with beneficial vitamins like A, C, B1, B5 and B6 which are imperative to maintaining health. It’s also known to promote hair growth that helps block DHT, the hormone that is responsible for hair loss, reduces cholesterol, rich in antioxidant to improve skin health, slow anti-aging and inflammation. Improves digestion, reduces risks of heart disease, strokes, and topically relieves sunburns

Oolong Tea is like a green tea but it is semi-oxidized as the the process of withering the leaves before it begins to curl and twist and turns brown. It too like black and green tea have similar benefits and much of its own such as helps with digesting, boosting your metabolism, lower cholesterol, helps improve mental alertness, improves heart health, tooth and bone density, lowers cancer risks, prevents diabetes, decrease inflammation, high in antioxidants, “helps reduce the appearance of eczema” – Dr. Axe.

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Chamomile a caffeine free tea that is mostly known as a sleep aid, helps with digestion, reduces inflammation, helps with menstrual pain, boosts immune, and reduces anxiety and stress. It also has some great topical benefits and can be found in lotions, shampoos, oral products, aromatherapy oils and wipes.

Finally, White Tea this has a very distinct flavor – minimally processed giving a very sweet and light flavor. Like its other counterparts mentioned above, it too has a host of health benefits both internally and topically. For example, high in antioxidants, improves oral health, boosts metabolism, helps to improve reproductive health, “may” kill cancer cells, protects brain health, and reduces cholesterol but it too should be ingested in limited amounts because it is not caffeine free.

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Out of all that I listed, I would love to know what your favorite tea is and if you have any special ways that you drink it? Iced, hot, plain, milk? Or a favorite way to brew? Would love to know – just comment below! Resources:

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