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Short on time? Meet The Minimalist Kit ​from Skin Script Rx!

Hectic life – short on time – want something easy and to the point?  If you’re a person on the go and just need a simple skincare routine meet Skin Script Rx‘s newest skin care kit! The Minimalist Kit is designed for normal to combination skin.

The NEW Minimalist Kit contains all three retail-sized products:

The Charcoal Clay Cleanser will help absorb oil and toxins from the skin with a gentle foamy cleanse without over drying the skin. The Mint Refining Toner will minimize pores and calm the skin. The Light Aloe Moisturizer, even for oily skin, is needed to seal in water to balance surface lipids.


This is kit is particularly great for teens to ensure they have a skincare routine to follow and of course for those who want just simple yet effective skincare routine.

To order your kit, email me: and we’ll get you on the path to clearer skin!

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