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What’s Your Skin Type?

Do you know your skin type?

Our skin type is determined by our genes meaning we are born with this skin type: how little or much oil is produced and the levels may change over time by our diet, environment or medication.  There are generally 5 skin types that we can fall under (see image below.)

Some beauty products will categorize normal skin based on your T-zone so you may see products labeled as normal/dry or normal/oily.


Oily skin – generally will have large pores, skin gets shiny throughout the day and visible oil appears.

Combination skin – pores are larger primarily in the T-zone (across forehead, nose, and chin) and visible oil appears in those areas throughout the day, but the skin produces only a little oil in other areas.

Normal skin – your skin produces just a little T-zone oil (mostly in the summer) but the skin doesn’t usually get flaky, though it may feel tight, then you can be considered a normal skin type.

Dry skin – If your skin most always feels tight, looks rough, has small pores and is tight and flaky (especially during the winter), then you can be considered a dry skin type.

Those with sensitive skin generally have very thin and delicate skin and will have blood vessels much closer to the skin (thus resulting in skin redness).  Again, if you have sensitive skin you are born with it and cannot change it BUT can work on protecting your skin barrier.  (Perhaps I’ll do a blog about this).   And some may have a predisposition to inflammatory disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

If you are not sure what your skin type is, chances are you may end up purchasing products that are not made for your skin type and choose products that are creating characteristics of other skin types.

Some sites offer a skin care quiz like  Aloette to determine what products may be right for you.  Give it a try or see a licensed Skin Specialist/Esthetician for a skin analysis.

Next blog: determine if your products are causing your skin to behave as a skin type.

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