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What Your Skin Needs in Warmer Weather

Weather temps are rising which means more time outdoors. The sun and humidity can affect your skin much differently than winter weather, so to make sure you adjust accordingly, here are the top 5 tips to keep your skin happy and healthy this spring!

Make sure to Exfoliate! Using a gentle exfoliator no more than twice a week three max if you have oily skin.

Adjust your moisturizer. Regardless how warm it gets – continue to use a moisturizer in the warmer months, your skin holds on to more water; switching to a light weight or gel-based moisturizer is ideal.

Apply that sun protection. Daily use of an SPF is important – be sure to reapply when as required. Also don’t forget other sun protection: Hats and your glamorous big sunglasses, (not will your eyes be protected by they keep you from squinting causing extra wrinkles around your eyes).

Use an eye cream. Recall in my previous post about eye creams, the skin around your eyes is not only the most thinnest area but also where signs of aging show up much faster!

Keep using your facial oil. When your skin is properly moisturized, the fine lines are slower to develop! And yes, those with oily skin can use face oils too *added benefit: it gives you a nice, summery glow!

Want to know what product works best for you? Send me a message:

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