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Winterize your skin!

I know it’s only October but it doesn’t mean you can’t start early, especially if the temps have been dropping and you’ve already started kicking up the heat in your car.

Even though the heat will give that warm toasty feeling, all that dry air blasting will only make our skin feel parched, cracked, irritated (itchy) leading to painful and some areas inflamed.  The best way to avoid this is to follow these simple steps to ensure you continue to have healthy, hydrated skin!

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Use fragrance-free, gentle cleansers and detergents.  If you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions you want to avoid any product that contains allergens or any other toxic ingredients that would cause flare-ups and irritate your skin any further.

Avoid long hot showers.  It feels great after being out in the cold but higher temps actually will deplete and break down barriers to your skin (lipids).  This will cause your skin to become much drier so instead try to limit your time under 15 minutes using lukewarm water; this even goes for hand washing too!

Lower the temperature inside and invest in a humidifier.   When it’s cold out and we jump into our car or run into the house we crank up the heat, the ideal temperature setting should be between 68 0 72 degrees which should be comfortable and avoid dryness.  On the same token, using a humidifier will keep your skin moist if you happen to have a central air that kicks out hot, blasting heat; so having small humidifiers dispersed in rooms where you spend the most time in (like our bedrooms) will help keep your skin from drying out.

Change your moisturizer and pay attention to your hands.  Using heavier creams, or lotions with an oil-base will keep a barrier between you and cold air.  If you have combination skin or oily skin, stick with your oil-free moisturizer but start using a layering method of a serum for your face.  As for our hands, be sure to lather up with hand creams after hand washing and wear your gloves when you go out!  If possible, invest in dishwashing gloves for washing dishes.

Modify your skincare routine.  A change in weather means switching out products that we normally use in Spring and Summer.  Dry / Normal skin you’ll want to switch to creamy cleansers and richer lotions/night time creams.  Oily Skin you’ll need to adjust your cleanser, minimize the use of toners especially those that contain drying in ingredients fragrances or alcohol.  And don’t forget your lips!  Make sure to apply lip balms (head over to your local organic store versus drugstores) that have natural oil products to keep a barrier from the cold.

Keep applying sunscreen.  Yes, even on overcast, gray winter days, your skin still requires protection from the UV rays that still can diffuse through the clouds and cause damage to your skin.

Hydrate from the inside too.  I won’t say stop drinking coffee, but you’ll want to cut back and opt for caffeine-free hot herbals teas.  Increase your intake of omega-rich foods and keep drinking your water.

Following these basic and simple tips will ensure you continue to maintain healthy skin even in the cold months!

Next blog winter products to use for your skin type.

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