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Aloe and your Skin!

We’ve all used it and run to it for medicinal purposes!  Like who hasn’t been out in the sun for a bit too long or burned themselves while getting that item out of the oven?  What did you put on it?   Aloe.  So today I want to spend a little bit of time discussing Aloe and the benefits of using it on your skin…particularly in skin care!

Aloe and Stones

History states that the use of Aloe goes as far back as the Egyptians and even Native Americans used this plant because of its healing properties.  Today we find it in personal products, it’s used after a sunburn and aids in digestion.  Since we use it topically why not use it in our skin care products?  Aloe is found to be easily absorbed into the skin much quicker due to molecular size which gives the reason as to effectiveness to heal the skin effectively and the overall great benefits to your skin!

In addition to treating burns, its benefits include as acting as a fantastic moisturizer.  Keeping the skin hydrated is a huge plus for all skin types: dry, oily, sensitive and even for men to use after shaving!    For those with chronic skin issues like eczema or acne, they will see a huge improvement.  Acne suffers will find this a soothing treatment as it aids in killing the bacteria that causes acne and aids in soothing inflammation.

Additionally, it helps with slowing the aging process!  Due to aloe’s ability to regenerate skin cells, it also contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and E which improves collagen and elasticity production (improve natural firmness and reduce fine lines).  There’s additional benefits you can find about aloe through this website: Mind Body and Green.

Coincidently, I came across a skincare and cosmetics company whose base ingredient is Aloe.   They have trademarked their philosophy of “Farm to Jar™” which simply stated means they use fresh and natural ingredients to produce premium quality ingredients straight from the source.  Check out my next blog to find out who this company is!

Do You, Be You


Studies related to Aloe and its benefits can be found on the International Aloe Science Council’s website.

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