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Tips For a Clearer Skin Complexion

Who wants beautiful skin?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic pill or a magical wand for this expectation. And despite of what you see on infomercials and advertisements – there are no “quick fixes”. It really stems from a change in lifestyle and habits. Here are 4 simple steps that you can follow (along with consistency and patience) that will help your towards clear and beautiful skin!

Change Up Your Diet

  1. Replacing sugary and processed foods with whole foods.

  2. Eat more non-inflammatory type foods that are better for your skin internally: berries, dark chocolate, dark leafy vegetables, nuts, and guacamole.

  3. Minimize or eliminate dairy or gluten to see if these foods are culprits to breakouts.

  4. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Minimize caffinated drinks and more water, you be amazed how your body and skin will feel

Update your Skincare Routinet

  1. Wash your face with cleansers formatted for your skin type and follow-up with a toner to balance your skin without stripping their natural oils.

  2. Exfolilate at least two – three times a week with the appropriate exfoliants (stay clear of St. Ives type scrubs).

  3. If you tend to see breakouts around your hairline or cheeks, chances are it may be your hair products or shampoo/conditioners that contain ingredients causing your skin to react.

  4. If you cleanse your face in the shower, be sure to cleanse AFTER washing your hair that way you can ensure that no left over residue remains on your skin that can clog or irritate your skin.

  5. Try a facial oil, yes even those with oily skin can benefit from face oils, they help balance your skin’s natural oils and stop from creating EXTRA sebum that cause breakouts. You can find face oils formatted to your skin type.

  6. Those that suffer from large cystic acne you can apply ice to minimize redness and inflammation. You can also spot treat with tea tree oil or aspirin. Simply crush 2 – 4 aspirin tablets and mix with water to form a paste then dab ONLY on the affected area – leave overnight and rinse in the AM. With tea tree oil, use ONE drop diluted with jojoba oil and spot treat on the area – let dry and rinse in the AM.

Change your external Habits

  1. Do not touch your face with your hands (hard habit I know).

  2. Change your pillowcases often (once a week or do the flip and switch – sleep on one side then flip over the following night and change). Bacteria tends to live on bedding and when comes in contact with your face will cause breakouts.

  3. Wear makeup? Clean your brushes once a week – particularly brushes and sponges you use for foundation and concealers. Bacterias can breed within the bristles.

  4. Ensure to remove your makeup BEFORE you go to bed, you’ll age yourself 10 times faster if you don’t!

Practice Self-Care

  1. Get enough sleep – When we sleep this is when your body does the necessary repair (eliminate toxins, skin cell turnover, improve mental health)

  2. Get up and move – exercise, take walks, whatever you need to do to keep your body at motion.

  3. Take a break – whether you decide to pamper yourself with a massage, facial, manicure, read a book, meditate or practice your spirituality – you need time to take a break from external stressors and take care of YOU!

Once you make these necessary changes watch your skin (as well as your mind and body) transform!

Let me know your thoughts of this post by commenting below or send me a message if you have any questions!

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