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Easy Tips for Healthy Skin

A healthy diet plays an essential role in your skin’s overall health.  During my consultations, I always as this question to gauge on what skin treatment to perform.  Trying to eat healthy all the time isn’t always easy, but as long as you’re cognizant as to what you are eating, you may already know the culprit to your skin inflammation or breakouts.  So whenever possible, try to opt for the healthier alternatives.

Below are some basic and helpful tips to get and maintain healthy skin; in addition don’t forget to throw in some exercise (which can also help relieve any stress and get ensure blood flow to aid in skin cells to turnover).


Finally, get plenty of rest.  Getting rest is an essential aspect of maintaining healthy skin no matter what the season is, but it’s especially important during the summer months when we’re more active. This step is often the most underappreciated tips.  Sleeping is a time where your skincare products can do their work, damaged skin cells are repaired and your complexion becomes revitalized! The more rest you get, the better job your immune system can do to fight off any acne-causing bacteria you might be battling.


Getting your beauty sleep actually does have a direct, positive impact on the quality of your skin. When you don’t sleep enough, it really show on your skin.

Live Beautifully,


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