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How to shift your skincare from Summer to Fall

Time to make that switch…

This Summer temperatures were wacky and crazy high, and now that September is here it’s officially Fall and some of us have yet to begin to transition into PSL season most of you will have put away your summer clothes and pull out your favorite hoodie and sweaters. Just as you swap out your seasonal clothes, you should also start swapping out your skincare products.

As the drop of temperature occurs this brings along not only cooler air but dry air as well which equates to drier skin.  This means, pumping up the heat at home, hot showers, and blasting the heat in your car – – all of this will wreak havoc to your skin (especially those with dry, itchy skin or eczema sufferers).   

Change your moisturizer

If you have Dry skin then you should switch to heavier creams with ceramides, (which are “essential and healthy fatty acids that help form the skin’s barrier, help skin retain moisture, also help protect against environmental aggressors like irritants, and pollution.”)(Dermatol, n.d.)

For those with oily skin even though outside temperatures are much cooler and you’re not sweating as much this does not mean that you will have to load up on heavy-duty products; instead you’ll need to layer a series of lightweight products (such as gel-based moisturizers, that provide smoothing, replenishing ingredients without making skin feel weighed down or oily), toners, serums and even face oils. (keeping your skin hydrated will balance your skin oils. If your skin is dehydrated, then the production of sebum will increase because there is no moisture.)

Remember that hydration is key in all skincare routines even for oily skin.

Additionally, moisturizers will provide a protective barrier to trap and draw in hydration to the outer skin layer. 

Cut back on harsh exfoliating

If you use products that contain hearty ingredients such as retinoids and glycolics – then you’ll want to decrease the use as these products tend to dry your skin quicker in colder months whereas during the summer months the humidity was higher and oil production was increased and drew in more dirt and oils; instead substitute with products like glycolic pads or a mask once a week to help remove discoloration brought on by the summer sun.

If you notice more flakes no need to pull out the clarisonic brush, instead try AHA’s or enzyme exfoliation with ingredients like papain, because they are gentler enzymes to help eat away the dead skin from the surface of the skin – remember to keep exfoliating at least once or twice per week.

Use a Lip Moisturizer and Add Eye Creams 

If you aren’t using any of these two things as part of your skincare regimen, they will need to be added during the cooler months.

When selecting a lip moisturizer/balm ensure that they do not contain eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor — these can dry out or irritate your lips as with constant licking your lips. Lip moisturizers that contain ointments or glycerin help lock in moisture and if you happen to be the type that sleeps with your mouth open well that’s when a humidifier helps!

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and tend to become dry faster as there are very little glands; therefore, using a gentle, light, hydrating cream with help with dryness, reduce puffiness, and dark circles.  

Continue Using Sunscreen

Summer and outings to the beach isn’t the only time that you are “required” to wear sunscreen. UV rays are present ALL YEAR ROUND. Wearing sunscreen helps decrease the incoming UV radiation that increases the risk of skin cancer to ALL skin tones! At a minimum, a daily application of SPF 30 will suffice.

Invest in a humidifier

Humidifiers help to boost hydration in your home so be sure to turn it on as soon as you put the heat on for best results.

Get a facial!

This is important for a few reasons. For one, our skin goes through a cycle of shedding and renewal happens every 28 – 40 days (depending on your age), and seasonal changes tend to agrivate this cycle.   Second, facials help give your complexion a deep cleansing and comprehensive reboot, and an expert can provide personalized insight on how to deal with specific issues as the temps drop. 

Do you need assistance in finding the right products for your skin type? Message me happy to help!

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