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Ingredients to Look For to Maintain Hydration

So did you know that there’s a difference between Moisturize and Hydration? There is and this is what distinguishes to the two:

Hydration: “Hydration [refers to] the water content within the cells that leads them to swell and be plump and bouncy, thus reflecting light well. If water flows out of the cells and the cells are dehydrated, they can become shriveled, which leads to lackluster skin,” explains board-certified dermatologist Anna Guanche, MD, FAAD. This means that when you’re using a topical hydrator, you’re infusing your cells with water and improving your skin’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients” – Janeca Renco of DermaStore

Moisturize: “A moisturizer’s job is to reduce the amount of water that evaporates off of the skin to minimize transepidermal water loss. They lock in and seal in moisture,” – Dr. Anna Guanche, M.D.

These are the ingredients you should be on the lookout for as solution to hydration:

  1. Ceramides – waxy lipid molecules that are especially beneficial for those experiencing eczema and psoriasis. They lock in moisture to the skin barrier filling the intercellular gaps to reduce TEWL and restore barrier function

  2. Collagen – am emollient collagen are engineered into tiny particles to penetrate quickly while softening and smoothing the skin

  3. Elastin – a protein that coils into a spring having elastic fibers of connective tissues; it functions in correlation with collagen making the skin more supple and soft

  4. Glycerin – is an humectant that smooths the skin’s surface, draws moisture in, and helps the skin retain moisture – plumping up the dry areas

  5. Hyaluronic Acid – is naturally produced in the body, it is a extremely powerful humectant that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water! Locking in moisture for an extended period of time

  6. Jojoba Oil – is an emollient that softens the skin’s surface, rich in antioxidants and vitamins (similar oils are Olive, Avocado, and Argan Oils)

  7. Squalene – is a vegetal-derived lubricant and nourishing oil, it is very compatible with the skins naturally occurring lipids and ensure to provide optimal health to the skin’s barrier function

  8. Vitamin B and E – these are know to influence the production of hydration: B3 assists in preventing water loss, B5aids in tissue healing and E is easily absorbed antioxidant to prevent water loss and skin restructure

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With the warmer months, those with oily or combination skin will still need to keep their skin hydrated, I recommend Control Corrective’s Oil Free Hydrating Lotion!

Light and silky with a hint of citrus, our Oil-Free Hydrating Lotion calms, purifies, tones, repairs and balances skin with an oil-free formula meant to hydrate without creating excess oil. Since hydration is equally important for oily and dry skin types, our lotion is made greaseless in order to reduce sebum imbalances.

Control Corrective Oil Free Hydrating Lotion

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