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Skin Offenses to Stop Like Now!

Are you guilty of committing skin offenses when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. In the coming month’s I’ll be presenting a few examples and solutions to read and share – today we’ll begin with Smoking.

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We all know that smoking is bad for your health: negative results like gum disease, damaged tastebuds, cancer of the lips, tongue, throat, etc. But it also causes damage externally – nicotine smoke has a direct affect to one’s skin. When you place that cigarette butt in your mouth, your lips have to form around it causing those noticeable lines in the upper lip – where you don’t want them. Over time they become deeper and prominent every time you talk. As you exhale that smoke – you’ll squint as a natural reaction to keep from getting into your eyes which in turn causes those wonderful crow feet lines around the eyes, congestion to the skin especially if you have oily skin – producing blackheads. Nicotine has other adverse affects to your skin, it will restrict the blood flow and limiting oxygen to get to areas of the skin to perform properly such as elastin and collagen production (saggy skin), increase the risk of psoriasis, inhibit the immune system preventing the skin to heal properly, and since the blood vessels are restricted, you’ll notice what’s called broken capillaries towards the surface of the skin ( Telangiectasia); and let’s not forget to mention the hefty amount of chemicals found in nicotine that leaches into the skin giving a smelly odor, yellow appearance (tar stains) and dullness to your skin. And of course smoking will increase the likelihood of developing squamous cell carcinoma!

So what’s the best solution to prevent any of this? If you smoke, STOP and if you don’t smoke great. There is no quick fix – no instant way to reverse the damage that has been done, but over time you can see improvement to skin tone, color and texture when you do stop smoking.

One solution: if possible, see your local Esthetician to begin oxygen facials and perhaps some Red LED treatments to help improving collagen and elastin production. For home care be sure to follow the advice and add great serums such as Skin Script’s Retinaldehyde Serum with IconicA that you can get here or message me for more info!

When you quit smoking, you will notice a change to your epidermis – back is that glowing, healthy skin! And a step to better health! So be sure to forward this along to those that you know who are committing this skin offense. Be sure to comment below with any questions, and let me know what you think about this. Reference:

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