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Why Toners Are Good For Your Skin

About 3 out of 5 of my clients don’t use toners, “why not “I ask? They don’t see a real need or they don’t have time for the “extra” step. But in reality toners are so beneficial for your skin! This week I want to highlight one particular toner that is a must have especially for those with oily skin with warmer temperatures approaching!

Quick overview: A Toner is beneficial to have in your routine, it helps to maintain clear and healthy skin. Used twice daily (AM and/or PM) Toners prep your skin for moisturizers and anti-aging treatments.

Traditionally, Toners help to restore your skin’s natural pH balance – your skin pH is between 5 and 6 but because cleansers are alkaline, as we when we wash our face, it disrupts the skin pH balance. Additionally your skin will work overtime to return to its oils level but a toner can quickly assist. today’s toners can do that and so much more!

Some toners help remove any residue left behind from after such as makeup, excess oils, impurities, dead skin cells, or even residue left from your cleanser. They also add adds layer of protection and moisturizes– because it tightens cell gaps reducing penetration of impurities.

Toners that contain ingredients such as glycolic or AHA help prevent ingrown hairs – toners that have alcohol such as Ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol, Denatured alcohol, Benzyl alcohol, Methanol, Ethyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol or Cetearyl alcohol – stay clear from as they will dry out your skin and do more harm that anything to your skin.

Did you know about 95% of the population will experience acne?

In warmer months, and depending where we live, our skin can become more oilier so a toner will be your saving grace for breakouts caused from sweat, sunblock, and dirt to prevent our pores from clogging . (Toner is also helpful if you have acne-prone skin).

This week I want to feature Skin Script’s Mint Refining Toner (follow me on Facebook to see my other Toner pics!) You can purchase yours here!

There are so many toners on the market and they tackle a variety of skin concerns. If you have further questions about which toner is right for you, Email me

Do you use a toner? And which is your favorite? Comment below!

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