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Which Moisturizer for Your Skin Type?

As the winter months roll in it’s time to switch up from your summer routine and keep your skin hydrated and moist during the blistery cold months. So let’s take look at the types of moisturizers to best suit your skin type.

Oily Skin

Yes – Even Oily skin can benefit from moisturizers especially during the winter.  Search for a light, oil-free lotion and if possible with sunscreen to protect against cold and wind.  Additionally, you can include a treatment serum and follow up with a toner.  These products will not only help maintain moisture but ensure you control the oil production.  Products I suggest are Aloette’s Get Hydrated Oil-Free Moisturizer for those combating breakouts/acne, Skin Script’s Light Aloe Moisturizer or Control Corrective’s Oil Free Hydrating Lotion

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Dry Skin

When your skin presents dry patches or becomes sensitive it’s time to double up the protection by changing to a heavier cream for both day and night.  You’ll want to include a serum and use an oil-based cleanser to trap moisture and keep your skin comfortable.  Consider Skin Script’s Hydrating Moisturizer that can be used both day and night, Control Corrective’s Ceramide Daily Cream that strengthens the lipid barrier in order to maintain the skin’s optimum water content or Beauty Society’s Love Thy Face ultra-hydrating moisturizer that can also be used day and night – additionally, you can purchase a refill packet should you run out!

Combination Skin

So your skin is both oily and dry (T-Zone area), you can choose an oil-free moisturizer and add a face oil for the dry areas only but still be sure to wear SPF to protect your skin as well as ensuring to use a  facial toner to balance the oil production in your T-zone areas!

Sensitive Skin

For those with sensitive skin, it’s best to steer clear from moisturizers with any synthetic fragrance, what you want to do is help repair the skin barrier and protect your skin.  From my favorite sensitive skin line is Hale and Hush Vital Lipid Lotion, Saffron Meristem Cream if your skin dry or Hush Hydrate Gel if you’re also dealing with oiliness.  Additionally, check out their SPF which I absolutely love!  No scent and not thick at all!

If you have any further questions about your skin, what products to use for your type or how to purchase any of the products mentioned above send me an email:

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