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Ways to Reduce the Effects of Stress On Your Skin

Stress it’s a “normal” reaction to life situations; it can be positive or negative but for the most part we all have experience and ways on how we handle situations at different levels and degrees. Stress produces a chemical in our brain that sends signals to the different parts of our bodies to “react” releasing a boost of hormones allowing us to respond to the stress (Cortisol).

When these responses kick in, it makes it almost impossible for areas in our body to recover in a decent amount of time which affects the health of our skin. Think about how your face breaks out more when you’re stressed or if you suffer from skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema your skin flares up. And when either situations occurs, a person can become even MORE stressed because of how they look due to these flareups, making us feel less social, insecure and want to isolate ourselves from everyone.

If this sounds like you, then you’ve probably heard that “you shouldn’t let things get to you”. This is an unrealistic comment – stress is part of everyday life. We can’t avoid it but we can try our best to manage life situations. Keyword: TRY. For starters, you can begin by developing coping mechanisms to handle situations in order to help reduce your stress levels and flareups.

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You more than likely can’t avoid stress completely, so here are some suggestions to try:

  1. Meditate or Breathing Exercises – There are some apps that you can download and have at your fingertips. Or try a Yoga class.

  2. Talk to someone – get professional help such as a therapist or call a close friend to vent.

  3. Go out and get some fresh air – Taking a walk, go biking, work in your garden or sit in a park and drink some tea.

  4. Disconnect – take time and do things you’ve been meaning to do like read a book, check out a comedy show live or on tv or better yet stay in bed and catch up on your favorite shows or movies. Maybe take a break from your electronics (phone) and just enjoy peace.

  5. Hit the gym – what better way to burn calories and let off some steam!

  6. Get some rest – sleep is so very important if you can’t get 8 shoot for 6 or 7.

  7. Relax – Don’t neglect your skin even if you’re too stressed. Go get a regular facial and massage. Following a home care routine, this will help with calming which can be very effective.

If there’s anything on this list that I’ve missed, feel free to share in the comment section below. Also, I’d like to hear how you reduce stress! I’m sure what you do may help others too!

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